In 1945, Mrs. Céline Vipiana and her husband opened their first boutique in Paris: Céline, the children bootmaker. This children's shoe store quickly acquired a very good reputation thanks to these custom shoes.
In the 1950s Céline built up solid know-how and extended her activity to leather goods.
The 60s marked the entry into the era of ready-to-wear.
In 1964 the first Céline perfume was born. Red becomes the brand's favorite color. Ms. Céline Vipiana launches the first Celine scarf. Céline's success cannot be denied, to be a fashionable woman in the 60s, you have to wear Céline. The American sulky becomes the emblem of the brand.
The 1970s marked an important turning point for Céline, which is undoubtedly THE luxury brand that exports the fastest worldwide, all territories are conquered: Europe, Asia and America.
Little anecdote it was in 1971 that Ms. Vipiana noticed the motif of the chain surrounding the Arc-de-triomphe and guessed that it was the ideal detail for her Parisian brand. After obtaining the agreement of the President of the Republic, she will launch the famous chain necklace with this motif.
Faced with the success of this chain, this motif will become the brand's coat of arms.
Following on from the 1970s, the 1980s will only confirm Céline's growing success around the world. Thanks to this presence spread all over the globe, Céline gives birth to a style as close as possible to the needs of women: both relaxed and elegant; sophisticated
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