The history of Maison Rodo began in the early 1900s with the production of Florentine straw hats, at the time true symbols of fashion and elegance in Italy.
In the mid-fifties, Romualdo Dori chose the word RODO (associating the first syllable of his first name with that of his name) to name his case. He made his debut in the world of fashion with the creation of a new product: a bag with a very thin armor, identical to that of his straw hats.

Success is immediate.
The company then turned to the creation of increasingly refined and sophisticated products: bags, pouches, shoes and accessories, in the most precious leathers and fabrics.
Over the generations, the manufacture always guided by the passion and experience of highly skilled craftsmen, combined with the elegance of the models will forge the image of a House of style and luxury.

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