Founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, the Longchamp company initially turned to leather cladding for pipes. In 1950, this visionary tobacconist, turned ambitious leather worker, expanded the scope of the brand to focus on all of the accessory needs of the smoker. In 1955, he widened the scope further to include small leather goods.
In the 1960s and 70s, Longchamp became involved in the creation and launch of travel items made of lambskin. The brand invented the “Xtra-bag,” a foldable canvas travel bag, that would become famous and copied by other brands.
It was in 1975 that we saw the birth of a new, flexible and soft leather known as “trodden calf leather, “which lead to the brands’ entry into the handbag category.  In 1979, the brand expanded in both Europe and Asia.
In 1980, Philippe Cassegrain succeeded his parents and opened the first Longchamps boutique in Paris, on rue Saint-Honoré. In 1990, the range of leather products was extended to gloves and belts, and then to silk scarves and ties. The winter of 1993 was very significant for the brand, as “The Folding” line was launched. This collection, a line of foldable bags in canvas and leather, expanded the customer base due its accessible price points and high quality.
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