Thierry Hermes launched HERMES, with a small boutique of equestrian equipment, in 1837, at the age of 36. In 1867, he was given the opportunity to present his wares at the Universal Exhibition. This brought the brand to the attention of many kings and heads of state who made Hermes their brand of choice for equestrian equipment and services. This was the beginning of Hermes’ rise to fame.
After his death in 1878, Thierry’s heirs continued his legacy and developed the brand through product innovation. They were the first brand to import the zipper into France, and in 1937, the Hermes heritage scarf, worn by Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy Onasis, was born.
The Kelly, one of the most famous Hermes bags, was originally known as the “Haut à courroies,” created for riders. In the 1930’s Hermes designed a feminine travel bag inspired by the “Haut à courroies,” which was smaller in size than the original. In 1956 it became the “it” bag, thanks to the famous photo of Grace Kelly hiding her pregnancy behind her 35 cm “Kelly” bag. From that moment, clients referred to the bag as “the Kelly”. Hermes, finally, renamed the bag in 1977.
Maurice Hermes became the head of the fashion house in 1978 and introduced the ready-to -wear line. As with all of the other Hermes product categories, the RTW reflects the ultra-quality heritage and commitment expected from the brand. Maurice Hermes relinquished the helm in 2006. Today, Hermes is one of the few fashion houses still run by the founding family and continues its longtime tradition of flawlessly combining tradition and modernity.
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