Founded in 1947 by the illustrious Christian Dior, the brand will adapt to the post-war environment with an air of renewal. The first collection (1947) became a pioneer of the New Look, combining elegance and lightness. Its success is immediate and above all international, which will considerably support its development. Christian Dior will then join Chanel to accentuate the influence of French Haute Couture internationally. This desire will bear fruit, since in less than 10 years, Dior will be present in fifteen countries, notably in the United States, and will even become an international leader.
Christian Dior died in 1957; Yves Saint-Laurent and Marc Bohan take over the business. Despite the success of the first joint collection, the young Yves Saint-Laurent left the ship in 1960.
In 1990, Dior was bought by LVMH.
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