The story of Charles Jourdan began in 1917 when, while being employed in the "Etablissement Grenier", he developed his passion for shoes and collaborated with two colleagues and his wife Augusta, creating shoes. Very quickly, this little manufacturer was experiencing great success, and the shoes of Charles Jourdan became all the rage and growing his reputation.
Four years later in 1921, Charles Jourdan founded his company.
Inspired by the heeled shoes of Louis XV and Charles IX, Charles Jourdan became a pioneer in his field. In 1930, his “Seducta” shoe brand was launched. "Seducta", established the company as a leader in shoemaking. The success was immediate in France.
Ten years later his sons, Roland, Charles, and René joined the company and in 1950, the fame of Charles Jourdan shoes crossed the Atlantic, where they opened a sales office in the United States.
One of the brand’s signature silhouette, was the brilliant idea of ​​Roland Jourdan - the Louis XV pump, with a profiled heel, offered in a few colors and varied sizes. In 1957, the first store opened in Paris, on the famous Boulevard de la Madeleine. It was welcomed by a rush of customers, who stood in line with a waiting ticket for their turn to purchase a pair of their shoes.
Despite the limited number of styles, success was immediate, due in particular to a collaboration with Christian Dior. This partnership allowed the brand to make a remarkable entry into the world of Haute-Couture which established its credibility in the category and ultimately, its longevity. In 1970, following a disagreement between the American brothers, Genesco, became the majority owner of the brand, under the leadership of Roland Jourdan. There remained 2,000 people employed by the company in Romans, Tournon-sur-Rhône and Annonay.
In 1975 the brand continued to expand into other signature concepts and categories, such as the creation of "la femme Jourdan" with leather goods, ready-to-wear, and accessories.
The addition of men’s shoes, ties and fragrances were launched in 1980. The brand continued to develop strongly in the United States and Asia starting in 1982.
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