The Swiss brand Bally which made its success through the leather craftmanship will celebrate 170tth anniversary in 2021. Still recognized today its quality and know how “Fabriqué en Suisse”.
It was in the 19th century when technology began to disrupt craftsmanship that Bally began its adventure thanks to the passion of its founder: Carl Franz Bally.
He became a pioneer in the design of shoes, both in terms of creation and production. Carl Franz has always developed the spirit of innovation; he was the first to install sewing machines in his workshops while retaining artisanal know-how.
From 1854 with his son, they equipped the Schoenenwerd factory and quickly understood that their ambition must be European and global. In 1857, Bally was one of the few European brands to export to South America. At the beginning of the 1850s, when he observed his wife, he very quickly understood that leather could become the raw material for shoes and did not hesitate to bring specialists from Germany to master the techniques of shoe construction. But at the time it takes at least a day to make a single pair of shoes with exceptional quality. Very quickly, with the help of machines, Carl Franz Bally was the only one who could produce high-quality articles in large volumes while ensuring flawless manufacturing monitoring. From then on Bally could set out to conquer the world.
Something he will do quickly by using what is now called marketing as a pioneer. In 1881 Bally opened its first boutique in its own name in London on prestigious New Bond Street, which is still one of the busiest shopping streets in London today. The success is there and all the stars of the time but also the monarchy are proud to wear Bally shoes. In 1916, production reached 3.9 million pairs of shoes per year. Bally dominates the sewn shoe market. Bally continues to push the limits in terms of elegance and luxury. In 1942, Bally opened his own Shoe Museum by collecting models from all over the world.
Bally shoes equip all trades, from dancer to soldier through athletes to the astronaut. Sir Edmund Hillary made his first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953 with Bally shoes.
From 1976, Bally broadened its field of activity by offering leather bags, accessories and ready-to-wear.
Little anecdote, Bally made the soles of Neil Armstrong's shoes during his first step on the Moon in 1969. "A big step for humanity" and a nice promotional move for Bally.
A partir de 1976, Bally élargit son domaine d'activité en proposant des sacs en cuir, des accessoires et du prêt-à-porter.
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